Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Susan Beal,  Pendleton Woolen Mills 

and a new book

 A log cabin quilt from Pendleton plaids
A couple of quilts that use the lovely Pendleton San Miguel fabric

 A couple of items made from the book, a wool pillow, the banner and the bag at the bottom of the photo. 

On sunday I had the privilege of attending an event for Susan Beal and her latest book "Hand-Stitched Home". The book full of projects made from Pendleton fabric. The projects are fairly simple but the use of the Pendleton fabric makes these beautiful & classic quilts and bags. I have always been in love with wool quilts but have not made one because I was a little afraid of the bulk that would come from working with wool. Looking at Susan's quilts and projects it's just a matter of matching some lightweight wools with the heavy blanket weight fabric. Susan had several of the projects at the event so it gave me the opportunity to see projects and feel the weights of the quilts. I think one of my next projects will be the easy zipper clutch designed by  Sarai Mitnik of Colette or maybe a cute Border Print Wool Tote…there is a quick tutorial on Susan's website about making the bag with about 1/2 a yard of a border fabric from Pendleton. 

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