Tuesday, September 2, 2014


It always feels like the weather takes a turn the day after labor day, there is a cool breeze in the air.  This year in my garden I planted a lot of tomatoes. I was able to preserve about 12 quarts of tomatoes, it should get us through the winter. I have a large braid of garlic and some pickled onions…all things that I planted and grew in the community garden. 

The one thing that I did not plant was sunflowers. This year they kind of took over my little garden plot, all the sunflowers were volunteers. I fell in love with sunflowers after seeing fields of sunflowers in Arles, France. I was on a tour called "In the footsteps of Vincent Van Gogh", we started in Nice France went to Arles, Paris and Amsterdam. In Amsterdam we saw one of the largest exhibits of Van Gogh's work ever to be shown together. That is how I fell in love with sunflowers.   

What post would be complete without a photo of a cute kitty in a box.

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