Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clothes I have made for my Husband

 This is some nice tiki fabric that my husband picked out at the fabric store. He's standing with Mitt Romney at the State fair…he's trying to look like Mitt that is why he has a strange look on his face. 
Down in Yuma by the Colorado River, the shirt is a nice tropical print. 

We are down in Mexico getting glasses for my mother and myself. My husband also picked out his fabric at the fabric store…sexy Cowgirls.  

My husband is wearing his Day of the Dead shirt and his friend John is wearing the travel shirt. I made both of these shirts for my husband, he was nice enough to share this shirt with his friend when he was in town for a book reading. John Law wrote a book called "Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society".

 My husband wearing the cowboy shirt & chicken pants I made for him last year.  

A simple black linen shirt that goes with everything…including his sexy cowgirl pants.

My Husband loves the clothes I make for him and often comes into my sewing room to see what I'm doing. It's easy to sew for him as I have a couple of patterns that I have altered to fit him and make the same shirt just using different fabric. He also loves what I call pajama pants, all I had to do was add pockets to the pants. There are many more shirts and pants I have made for him over the years, these are just some of the ones he wears daily. 

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