Friday, October 3, 2014

Keeping busy

I mentioned that a friend passed away in a car accident last week. His passenger was also a very good friend and I recently learned that the odds of her survival are not good. She had a terrible brain injury and is currently on life support. So I find myself looking for ways to stay busy and try to forget the tragedy, but it's never easy. We cope, we find things to keep us busy, we look the other way. Right now I'm thinking of all the good things that I did with my friends. One fun event was in 2004 we went up to Lind Washington for the Combine Demolition Derby. Art cars we are often in the parade. This image is of Cary Fairchild in the Trophy Wife, Steve Fritz took the photos. Look at that smile!!! Cary was know as the Queen of Hearts. 

Another project of mine is to come up with some images for book bags. I know I need to clean up the text on the bag with the typewriter, but these are just prototypes for now…I wanted to get a feel for how they would look and if I needed the images any larger. The bag with the typewriter is a flat bag, the one with the skeleton has gussets.  

Today is also the one year anniversary of the death of my father in law….Roman Boos. I miss him. 

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