Sunday, October 19, 2014

Key West

Last April we took a vacation to Key West. I tried to explain to my husband that through Key West was in Florida it was not Florida. We flew into Fort Lauderdale…DON'T DO THAT. A friend said "it will save you $100 per ticket"….well yes it will but then you are in Fort Lauderdale and if you were like us you were farther away from your destination. We rented a car to drive to Key West because I though my husband would like beautiful drive from Miami to Key West. He did not. 

We arrived on Easter (4/20) in Miami and drank at a lovely little place called Clandestino Pub. The owners wife made the empanadas. The Trail Blazers were in the finals and beat Huston in overtime (the game was on at the bar). We had a wonderful time till we got back to our Air B&B place and realized we did not have keys to get into our room. We could not get a hold of the guy we rented the room from from and ended up having to get another room at a motel at 3am…where it took 45 minuted to check us in only for us to go to the room and find other people in the room. That was how the vacation started. It sucked!

We left the next day for Key Largo and spent 2 night in Key Largo. I would suggest getting lunch in Key Largo but otherwise keep going. There are some interesting places but they were all hiking things and that is not a vacation for my husband. He does not like to hike. We had a couple of nice dinners but other then that Key Largo if full of tourist traps and is kind of depressing. 

When we arrived in Key West we found the place we were staying to be on a road that was under construction for the last 2 years. The place was called Banana Bay, it was really nice. Our room over looked the pool and you could walk from the pool to the gulf ocean. Only problem is the Tiki Bar at the pool was never open. My husband had packed our blender and at that point I realized how smart he was. A bottle of rum, some cans of Kern's juice and ice. We were set. We rented a scooter and rode the mile into town on several times a day. We would get breakfast, some groceries and go back to swim or nap, head back into town for dinner and a few drinks…then back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. Wake up the next day get some cuban coffee and start all over again. 

We went to the Hemingway house and met several of the polydactyl cats. The place was beautiful, I can see why he like staying in Key West. Hemingway had HUGE balconies on the 2nd floor of his house with fans. A breeze ran through the house which was just perfect in Key West. 

We watched the sunset like everyone else does, we ate lobster roll's and lots of seafood, we watched the Conch Republic Parade that that went from coast to coast. The CIA (cuties in action) were in the parade drinking Cupcake Wine. It was a nice vacation but next time we fly into Key West and start our vacation right away.  

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