Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cleaning Out My Mother's Storage

Last week I went up to my mothers house in Brightwood to help her with some cleaning. She was going thought my fathers files, my father kept everything, and found all the receipts and instructions for tools that my father had bought to build their house in Brightwood. The top image is the receipt and instructions for a floor jack. The receipt is from 1988. When I put it in the  recycle pile my mother said "we still have that jack…we should keep the instructions & maybe the receipt". I told her I know how to use the jack and I really don't think we need a 25 year old receipt as we really can not return the jack anymore. 
The bottom image is from the Colony Club in San Louis Obispo, my father was about 21 years old. This was right before he went into the army. My father is the second one from the right.

More kitty photos on top my pile of rugs. They love the pile and often sleep on top of the pile, there are about 15 rugs in the pile now.

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