Monday, August 4, 2014

Cherry Pies and My Next Project

I was recently up in northern Washington. When I saw cherries for $1.50 a pound I was very excited. My friend said we should try to  get cherries for less than $1 a pound. I was trying to explain that in Portland the cherries were $3.99 a pound and that was ON SALE. I ended up buying about 5 lbs of cherries before I left to come home. When I got home it was too hot to turn on the oven so NO cherry pie for me. Finally this evening I pulled out the puff pastry and made some little hand pies.

I work at a bookstore and every year at work they give us a t-shirt with some image or logo. I have enough t-shirts so this year I ordered a 6X. I figured that I can at least use the material for something else. I think with this one I'm going to make an Alabama Chanin Bloomer Skirt.

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