Friday, November 14, 2014

Winter is coming

My obsession with crocheting rugs started with this small rug over a year ago. I bought some balls of fabric from Scrap in Portland. I started to make the rug but was very frustrated. It turns out I had a needle that was too small thus I had problems actually crocheting. I took a 1 hour class on crocheting with Pendleton Wool Salvage and realized I love it. So I finally completed this rug for the kitchen. You can see it is not really a square or a rectangle...that is because when I started I made the knots very tight. I have more cotton fabric strips that I want to try another rug. I also want to try some knit fabric...oh so many thing to make over the coming winter months. 

If today is any indication of how the next few months are going to go.. I should be able to get several rugs and quilts made this winter. We had our first snow fall...actually it was the first ice fall. There was a nice dusting of snow then it all started to freeze. The lovely white trail in the park is really ice, it's a little slick and you can slip and fall. You can see the icicles on my neighbors garage, and the ice on the back porch. I've been working in my studio in the basement and it's cold. I just recently bought a new heater, one of the radiant oil heat type. It's keeping the chill out but there are still a few drafts that need to be filled. I usually hang large curtains in the space to make it smaller and more cozy during the winter months. I think this the new heater will make a huge difference once I hang all the back curtains up. 

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