Monday, November 10, 2014

LUKE HAYNES Pendleton Wool Quilt

I missed Luke Haynes at Pendleton Woolen Mills store last week. I don't know how I forgot, but when I stopped by on Friday I saw the quilt he and made out of Pendleton Wool. If you are in the shop look up. I was in the shop to find some more wool salvage to crochet. I made my largest rug to date, it's 54" x 64"....about 4 1/2 ft by 5ft. Not's heavy. I have gotten down to the last few balls of salvage and needed some filler. I didn't find anything that struck me in the wool salvage bins but I did get some wonderful cream wool from the scrap bin. It's $5 a pound for end cuts and scrap. I found some nice plaids, a lot of cream and some wool/linen burgundy (it will make a nice shirt for my husband for the holidays). I spent $30...not bad for a shirt and enough wool to make a simple blanket.

That brings me to selling...I finally got some items up on Etsy. You see a link to shop on the right...MarciCupcake is the Etsy shop. They make you come up with a name and I have yet to really decide on what to call brand? Company? not sure what I'm doing yet. I want to make things and we do not need all the things I can that is where the shop idea came in. A friend of mine convinced me to screen print some tote bags and that really started the whole idea of a business for me.

I do need more time to myself so I can finally complete the Alabama Chanin Facet's Skirt. I stitched it all together and then cut it out as a reverse appliqué. The pattern is so dense that really I should have done a appliqué, cutting around the printed parts design. That would have also added another shade of burgundy to the skirt. I did add some beading to the centers of the large facet design. I think the all over effect is nice, there is a little shinny part everywhere you look. So this makes number 11 Alabama Chanin skirt and I have another one planned from some very large tee shirts I got last summer...they are 6X.

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