Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sometimes it just fails

I got very excited when I saw the pattern hack for the Colette Florence Bra. One pattern hack for a lounge bra in jersey, the other for a fabulous slip, I bought the pattern and then set it aside as other things in life took priority. When I finally had a few hours started making the bra according the the original directions, so a couple of things quickly went south. I extra pieces and did not add 1" to the bottom of the band. .

I did a 3 step stitch zigzag stitch over the cup of the braw causing it to ruffle. I don't know what it's called but it's when the fabric stretches too much and instead of a nice smooth seam you have a wiggly seam. You can see it on the left cup, the right cup is just merged on the inside, no overstitch. 
Then I realized that I did not add the elastic to the front of the bra cups before I sewed them in place & I stitched the elastic to the sides of the bra cup instead of all the way around to the back. Even thought it looks kind of cute it was a complete fail. I could do some sort of rescue but I think instead of spending time fixing the mistakes I just need to start over.  Funny thing I read several reviews about the pattern and everyone said it was easy you just had to go slow and pay attention. I did neither. I think this could be a great comfortable bra to wear when relaxing so I plan to try it again. 
Oh on a mother note...I't hard to get your bra size straight. I have been wearing a 38C for a while but when I read instructions on the internet it said I was a 42B. So that also was a fail when I made this piece because I cut it out as a was too big.
Like I said back to the drawing board...I committed to making more of my clothes and the includes underthings. I hope to start making my husband cute underwear...that's fun to wear.  

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