Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Alabama Chanin Skirt

Back in October I started to cut out this stencil for another Alabama Chanin Bloomer Skirt. I really like the leaf pattern and I wanted to try to airbrush the pattern instead of screen printing the ink. 
I finally completed the cutting of the stencil because I was going on vacation and wanted to take a skirt to work on while out camping. The air compressor that a friend lent me was missing a hose so I had to figure out some other way to get ink on the fabric. I decide to check out Michael's Craft store to see if there was some sort of fabric paint that was in a spray can. 
 I found two different spray's that I liked and said were for fabric. The Colormaster is more of a spray paint and is probably better for more solid items, it's a little stiff on the fabric. The Color Shot by Tulip was decent, it covered nicely and I liked the color. The only issue I found was it took the entire bottle to do one skirt. At $5 a can that can get a little expensive. I can a $5 bottle of ink that will cover about 10 or more skirts. I guess I paid for the air. I have to go get a hose for the air compressor so I can use the airbrush.
I used the Color Shot blue on the rose fabric because it was not as stiff as the Krylon spray paint on the fabric. I think it turned out OK, there is a little fuzz around some of the edges of the stencil, I have also not washed the fabric so I don't know how it will feel after a couple of spins in the washing machine. The Color Shot also stayed tacky for longer than I thought it should. The package stated it would be dry in 24 hours, the spray painted fabric stuck other fabric and I had to pull it off like sticky tape. It did not leave color behind which was good. 
Next I made some samples. I have found if I question my colors or stencil choice it's best to do a small sample. I tried the pattern with the reverse appliqué and appliqué. The sample on the right and on the top left have a dark blue for the bottom fabric. I thought it was a little too strong for the murky rose color of the top fabric. I asked a couple of people and they both said they liked the bottom right combination the best. I had already cut both top and bottom piece for this project so I had to set aside the dark blue and cut the dusty blue for the bottom layer of the skirt.

So that is what I took camping with me last week to Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge. I did finish one panel while out there but I spent more time rockhounding with friends and just enjoying the silence of the area. It was hot the first two days of camping so it was easy for me to sit in the shade and sew while talking. The second two nights of camping it rained so we all sat under the shade structure and played games. I have 3 of the 4 panels done so far and since it should be about 100 degrees out tomorrow I have a feeling I will be sitting in the air conditioned house and finishing this skirt. I already have another one planned...I just need to learn how to use an airbrush. 

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