Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sewing Foot: Flower Stitch Attachment

A friend found a sewing machine foot attachment at a rummage sale, the foot was a flower stitch attachment. She was not sure what it was or it did, so she went home to research the item. She saw the foot was sold new for $12-$16 she decide the $2 for the foot was a great deal. She went back to the sale and bought the sewing foot attachment and sent it to me!!! Of course it comes in a very cute box too.....How lucky am I!!! I saw one of these Flower Stitch attachment on "Sewing With Nancy" several years ago and though it was really cool. I was very excited to try out the flower stitch foot.

Since I had some white thread in my machine, so I pulled out some black material to test the foot.

You can make a several different flowers with any number of different stitches that are on your machine. The circle moves about 3/8" from side to side, so you can make small flowers or large flowers. The flowers will be different depending on where you move the circle part of the foot. 

After my initial testing of this presser foot I decided to try document the stitches I liked. So I stitched the original stitch on a piece of fabric then went back and used the flower foot to make a flower. You can see the different size flowers and what the stitch does when you increase or decrease the placement of the round part of the pressure foot. This will give me a better way to see what flowers I'm making and which stitched work best. I have over 150 stitches on my machine so it will take me awhile to get through all the different stitches, but this is a decent start. 

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