Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hood River in October

Sunday was my 8th anniversary. We wanted to head out of town for the night so we went to Hood River. We started the day at Salty's on the Columbia for their sunday brunch. My husband wanted an old fashion buffet brunch where you can eat anything you want, where they and men carving prime rib and making omelets. It turns out Salty's is the only place that does that type of thing any more. they had wonderful bowls of crab but other than that it was kind of uneventful. The bacon was good and so was my drink.
After brunch we headed out the Gorge to Hood River. It was kind of overcast but I had hopes that the sun would be out in Hood River. We stopped at Multnomah Falls to get a photo and a crushed penny. The falls was full of tourists and we fled after watching the train go past.
We stayed at the Hood River Hotel in downtown Hood River. It was a nice place the room looked out over the Columbia River. It was also the harvest festival weekend so the town was hopping. We walked around looking at murals and sculpture. Though I was not fond of the yellow woman the sunset lit really up the mountains on the Washington side of the river. On monday we took a drive up highway 30 stopping at a view point called Memaloose State Park Overlook, overlooking Memaloose Island.  Lewis and Clark called Memaloose Island "Sepulchar Island". It was one of several islands commented on by Lewis and Clark as containing burial vaults for the Indian tribes that lived along the Columbia River. Up that hight on the cliffs my husband posed by the Fleetwood, man that thing glides down the curvy roads of the old Columbia River Highway. We stopped in The Dalles and had breakfast at a place called Cousins, we got in right behind a group of over 50 people from a church in Salem. It was a cute place with a motel attached. They had the walls lined with preserves, green beans, cherries, corn, and peaches...to name a few. We then headed to the the local thrift store when I found a wonderful pair of curtains for $9. They look great in our living room, they really warm up the room. Winter is coming and it was time for a change. It was a nice weekend, but it's also nice to be home with the kitties too. 

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