Tuesday, August 18, 2015

All Girl BBQ

I have been having an All Girl BBQ for about 12 years now. It started at a friends house and when she stopped hosting the event I took over the task. It's become an annual event for a lot of ladies that I know, they ask me all year if I'm going to do it again as they are cleaning out their closet or they want to dye their hair again. It's the one day a year when I kick my husband out of the house from 2-10pm. I set up make-up, nail polish and hair dye in the driveway, there is a huge table of good and drink in the garage and in the way back on the "talk show set" I put all the clothes. Needless to say the clothes are alway the center of attention at this event. Though dying hair takes a very close second only to eating (which is necessary to living so I don't really count it). I felt a little sad this year as my local neighbor girl Sophie was going to be out of town with her cousins on the day of the event...so I didn't tell her. Only problem was her father let it slip as he was tasked with keeping my husband busy, he was talking to Sophie on the phone and said he had to keep Chris out of the yard because of the BBQ. She started to cry and told him she wanted to come home right now because it's the thing that she waits for all year. Next year I will make sure she is in town for the BBQ. 

Anyway, we had a couple of other young ladies...Elliot wanted to color her hair with pink & purple. He mother helped her and she loved it..it does look really cute. I think her mother did a really good job. Another friend brought a bunch of dirty temporary tattoos, I have one that says kiss my ass in really nice cursive script...you almost can't tell what it says. Katie did some cool yellow dye in her hair that glows in backlight. Too bad we did't have a black light to check it out, it was a nice color either way with her blond hair. Elliott also found the serial killer mask and had a great time with it on, at one point she was looking at her self in the mirror moving her head back and forth like she could not believe she was making it happen...it was a both creepy and cute at the same time if that is possible. Mara found a beautiful black dress with some wonderful lace on the bottom. It fit her perfectly! 

We were attacked with water balloons by the boys next door (boys get really jealous when you tell them they can't do something), we were able to steal their super soakers and attacked them back. Fun was had by all...except a couple of ladies actually got hit by water balloons...but mostly the boys were not able to get the balloons over the garage. It was very hot so the water shower was not terrible. At one point the boys stole the golf cart and my niece chased them down the street covering them in lipstick. They referred to the mess as war wounds. At the end of the evening my husband and brother came in and we all sat around the table, drinking and eating till very late into the night. I was happy to wake up and find the dish fairy had done all the dished and cleaned up the last of the food...THANK YOU KATIE!!

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