Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Trophy Wife and a Band

My what a busy week.  Once I got the trophy wife home I decided to fix it up a little. It needed a new coat of paint and the interior was in need of some love. I pulled the back seats out and recovered one of them with a marine vinyl. It had been covered with a painting I bought at a garage sale 10 years ago but that was deteriorating where the back and the seat meet. It was time for a face lift. Since there are a lot of things glued to my car I had to paint around several items, but once I was done the car looked so much better...nice and bright. The hardest part of fixing up the car was pulling the back seats. But once they were out everything went smoothly. The car was done in time for a bunch of my husbands friends to visit. Extra Action Marching Band they were playing at Dante's on Saturday night then went to play at Blowpony. They ended up back at our house at about 5am on sunday morning. The nice thing was I never heard them come in, I woke up in the morning and there was about 10 people sleeping in the house and yard. A friend brought over some donuts (not Voodoo as the line was waaaaay too long), then plans were made to BBQ later in the day....OH SHIT Our BBQ SUCKED, it have not heating up properly...taking 30 minutes or more to cook chicken wings. I had asked my sister about a month ago about BBQ's to get. The morning before we left for Bend she called me and said she saw one at Orchids Hardware for about $500 and she had a coupon. Aleson was great and went to pick it up and had it at her house. Now I had to go over to her house to get the new BBQ a Weber Genesis 300 series for my husband (his birthday is next week), get back to the house with the BBQ before the BBQ that evening. The BBQ came in a had to be assembled. My husband and his friend Mutt started right in like little kids on Christmas morning with new toys. The BBQ was assembled and 8 beer can chickens were cooked that evening on the new BBQ. Everyone ate and had a wonderful time. On monday the band was still in the back yard and did not want to leave. The band practiced in the park on sunday evening bringing out several neighbors to watch. They used the box from the grill as a was a lot of fun. All the members that stayed at our house told us how much they loved the yard and how much they appreciated the peacefulness of the area...they didn't want to leave. They finally left Tuesday afternoon for Astoria for a few days,  they didn't have to be to Olympia till Thursday. 
YEA...we had the house to ourselves and cooked a couple hamburgers on the new grill, then went to bed early.  

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