Thursday, May 14, 2015

Another pair of pants for my husband, a new car and kids playing dress up

It's been a while since I have written anything, sorry for my absence. I have been busy with some spring cleaning. I need to clean up my sewing area and make a nicer design board for laying out my quilts. In the mean time I made a pair of linen pants for my husband. He really liked the last pair of pants and wanted something nicer. So I went on-line late one night and bought some linen from I try not to buy fabric on line but also had some of the Violet Craft Waterfront Park fabric in stock, specifically the bridges in yellow. So $150 later I had ordered the Violet Craft fabric a couple of nice 100% Linen fabrics and a few yards of knit fabric. I had to go buy a pants and I was off. I cut out the pattern and installed the zipper...I'm very happy with my zipper installation. Front zippers are not easy and it takes me about an hour to put in the zipper. After a few more pairs of pants for my husband I think I will get it down. The pattern is Vogue 8719, same as the last pair I made for my husband. He wanted cuffs and back pockets. I was going to put in patch pocket but he wanted welt pockets and I have never installed welt all he got was the cuffs on this pair of pants. When putting in the waistband I tried to make it so I could enlarge the pants in the waist band, you know when you see mens pants that all you have to do is let out the back waist band and voila..larger or smaller pants. Well in the process of trying to line up the back waistband I didn't pay enough attention to the front and I was off by about 1/4" on the front waistband. It's a good thing no one will be looking that close at my husbands fly. He loves the pants and wore them for a week before he would let me wash them. I was having some problems with my serger so not all the seams were serged. When I washed the pants I had to cut off the unraveled threads on the inside. I did zigzag the inside seams so that helped, but next time I make something out of linen I will be serging all the edges of the fabric before I start to sew the pattern together. It makes for a much nicer interior. 

We bought a new car...a 1978 Cadillac Fleetwood with red interior. It has an 8 track player and came with some country tapes. The car is HUGE. It's a gas hog but we really don't go very far, mostly to the store or the bar. We still have the little Santa Fe for long trips if we need it. My husband really wanted a new Cadillac, he had been looking on line for a couple of months. When he came across the 78 he was very excited. We drove up to Battleground to look at it, a very nice older gentleman was selling it for $2500, we got it for $2000. It needed all new tires (that is $500 alone). So there it is...our HUGE 70's car...we can fit 8 people in the car and a couple in the trunk. 

The other night was our friend Jessie's birthday. All the kids came running over to play in the yard and then got excited to play in the basement. They got into the dress up clothes and came out in several outfits. The last set of clothes they had found the strange box of masks, gloves and hats. They all had a great time and even cleaned up the mess. I think we are the strange old couple that lives down the street and these kids will remember these type of evenings for a long time. 

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