Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bargain Fabric & a Fish Toss

I love finding a bargain. I find that I'm lucky when it comes to locating a fabric bargain. Last week I had some errands to run and on the way back home I found that I was close to Scrap. Scrap is a local creative reuse store and donation center in Portland Oregon. It started out as a place to donate extra art supplies that you no longer use, such as paper, paint brushes, creative magazines, corks, get the idea. Last summer I bought a mannequin. They also take Fabric. I stopped and see if there is anything that I needed before the holidays. I always find some gems at Scrap and this visit was no exception. In the fabric area I located 5 1/2 yards of some black wool for $10.50, 10 yards of some pink cotton material for $18, 1 yard of some beautiful red paisley for $2 and 5 yards of some cute pink flannel with flowers for $9...SO for about $40 I was able to get 21 yards of fabric!! The wool will more then likely turn into a shirt for my husband...maybe a jacket for me. The pink cotton will be use for quilting after I make a western christmas shirt for myself, the pink flannel will be made into a couple pillow cases and the paisley will be used in a quilt. If you are ever in Portland and not sure what you want check out Scrap, they always have amazing items that you never knew you needed.

The Fish Toss is also happening again this year. This is something that my husband & I started on News Years Day 1/2/2010 at the Red Fox...they are were usually closed on New Years Day and we convinced them to open for a couple hours and host the fish toss. Chuck bought about 2 dozen cat fish and it cost $5 to throw a fish. The person that tossed it the farthest wins the kitty. The first year we thought we would have about 10 people....more then 30 people came out at 1pm to toss a fish, watch the event or just have a beer and laugh. I made t-shirts the first as an incentive for people to come out. I get a tab at the bar for the shirts. I stopped making them a couple years ago as things always get a little hectic around the holidays. This year they asked me if I would please make them 20 shirts. Since I'm currently unemployed I had time and printed the shirts. Now I have to go back in and add the RED FOX in red ink. I also made a Fish Toss onesie for one of bartenders Jake who's partner is due December 26th. If you have had kids you know that the onesie's are something that you use every day in fact I have heard that you can go through 3 or 4 onesie's in a single day with a newborn. The fish toss has now become a tradition for the bar...this is the 5th year.  People are always looking for something fun and different and I think a fish toss on new years day is just the thing. Join us if you can!!!

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